About Me

Welcome to Get Dressed Mommy! I’m Monica. I started Get Dressed Mommy in 2011 to help moms reclaim their sense of style and to share my own experiences. Who would have thought with a degree in Fashion, years in the fashion and beauty industry, and helping to shape style as a bridal magazine editor, I would succumb to SAHM syndrome. When my then 3-year-old called me on my lack of proper dress, disheveled hair, and poor shower habits, I decided to pull it together and start taking care of myself again. I launched Get Dressed Mommy shortly after to help encourage other moms to do the same.



Here you will find everything from Food to Family to Fashion. If you’d like to chat or ask me a question, feel free to tweet or Facebook message me @getdressedmommy. If you’d like to collaborate, email me at monica(at)getdressedmommy(dot)com. If you’d like to featured as a Stylish Mom, email stylishmom(at)getdressedmommy(dot)com. I love hearing from you!