George Michael Changed My Life

I wonder where I’d be without George Michael. I surely wouldn’t be here writing this post. I’d never have worked in the fashion and beauty industry. Without him, I’d never have pursued modeling or set foot on a runway. I’d never have attended FIDM or spent a day back stage at a fashion show. I would never have worked a photo shoot or taught fashion classes at high schools. I’d never have met so many amazing people who share my love of the industry.

It was George Michael’s “Too Funky” video that first ignited my passion for the fashion world. When I saw that video, featuring Thierry Mugler’s designs, I knew fashion was where I wanted to be. The passion, the beauty, the fun, the excitement, made me want to be there, right where the action was! (It was also the first time I’d seen a black woman on the runway.) It became my dream. I started modeling shortly after and within a few years, a few agencies were interested in signing me. While it was a path my mother wouldn’t allow me to pursue at such a young age, I shifted my focus to behind the scenes and found a place for myself in the industry. It all started with that one George Michael “Too Funky” video. 

With his death, I revisited the video and for the next two hours, I sashayed through my house like a supermodel, picking up blocks, putting away linens, and dusting my house. All the while, as this song replayed in my head, I felt beautiful, confident, and in control. And my man noticed! I won’t over share but I am posting here with the hopes that the video will inspire you to release your inner supermodel, sway your hips, be bold, and let your confidence shine. “Everybody wants a lover like that.”