Milk Studios Launches Milk Makeup

milk makeup, milk studios. debbie harry, CBGB

I have to admit that I am more than a little excited that Milk Studios is launching a makeup line. It launches February 8th. The paraban-free, vegan Milk Makeup isn’t having a light launch either, but will be releasing a full 85-piece collection priced from $12 to $48, according to  It is described on its website,, as “high concept, low maintenance beauty essentials”. Awesome!

Zanna Robert’s Rassi, co-founder of the line, describes the Milk Makeup client as “cool, fun, creative, smart, playful, unique, ambitious, inspired, quick, and empowered.” Georgie Greville, the creative director of Milk Makeup, describes her as kind of a rebel. “Debbie Harry in the CBGB days was a huge inspiration,” she said. “Her effortless, punk kind of glamour felt very Milk Girl to me. It’s not about how perfectly you apply your eyeliner. It’s about your lifestyle, and electricity as a person.” A low maintenance line with a little edge that isn’t about perfection? Hell, ya!

The line includes lip stains, mascara, eye markers, waterproof lash stain, and shadow liners. Here are a few I’m most looking forward to trying based on the must have essentials Greville shared with

milk makeup, milk studios, cooling water

Milk Cooling Water, $24 – “You wipe it under your eyes and they de-puff.”

Milk Highlighter, milk makeup, milk studios

Milk Highlighter in Lit, $24 –  “It blends easily and is also hydrating.”

Milk Shadow Liner, milk makeup, milk studios

Milk Shadow Liner, $26 – “The Shadow Liner has a chisel tip so you can do a really thin line, or you can turn it around and do a fat swipe.”

Milk Lip Color, milk studios, milk makeup

Milk Lip Color, $22 –  “It has a 30 percent pigment load, coconut wax, shea butter, almond oil, sunflower oil, and lycopene.”


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