Leopard is a badass classic

Leopard coat 1

Source: The Leopard Jacketleopard coat 6

Source: Nasty Gal 

leopard coat 3

Source: Alexa Chungleopard coat 4

Source: 1963

leopard coat 5

Source: Simple and Bold

I love leopard. Leopard is a timeless print and a leopard coat never goes out of style. It is one of those amazing pieces that can be passed down from one generation to the next and each will love it as much as their predecessor.

The style, the cut, the shape is almost irrelevant. It can be anything from 60s Jackie O chic to 70s punk. I would argue that the leopard coat might be one of those rare items that tacky actually adds to the appeal. Like Meenal Mistry said in her 2003 article for the Wall Street Journal, “Why Leopard’s Spots Refuse to Fade From Fashion”, “It’s the Meryl Streep of trends. It can suit a rock chick’s rebellion; it can be hippie, high-end or hip-hop. Small wonder these spots stubbornly refuse to fade.”

That is why those of us who like to think ourselves part of the fashion circle consider it a neutral; it suits everyone and goes with everything. If an all-over leopard isn’t for you, adding a leopard collar to your coat, especially a camel or red colored coat, creates a chic vintage look. I can’t possibly sum it up better than Karen from Where Did U Get That, “Leopard print is such a badass classic.”