Shop Spotlight: Hey Gorgeous!

living doll la, romper, hey gorgeous, fashion, get dressed mommy Wearing my Hey Gorgeous, Living Doll LA Romper.

I love this store. Seriously. L-O-V-E! I can’t remember how I stumbled on Hey Gorgeous! but ever since my first visit, I’ve been hooked. Why?

Customer Service: As you can tell from my Nordstrom post, good customer service is super important to me. The Hey Gorgeous team are always courteous and expedient in their replies. Story time. I ordered two of the same skirt in the same size. They emailed me just to make sure it wasn’t an error. It was and they promptly refunded me!

Exchanges: How killer is it to have to pay twice for the same thing? You’ve been there. Your perfect piece comes and it’s too big, but you love it! Now you have to purchase it again and pay shipping twice before you return this one because it could be two weeks before you get your refund and you know it will be sold out by then. At Hey Gorgeous, I can mark on my return that I need to exchange for a smaller size and they process it. I don’t spend any more money. No second charge, no additional shipping!

Collection: They have an excellent selection of well curated items perfect for every aspect of your life from work to casual to a night out. Of course almost everything is available at other retailers, but with three little ones, I don’t have time to search through, especially when Hey Gorgeous has picked some of the best pieces for me!

Return Policy: Hey, sometimes things just don’t work, so it drives me batty when retailers try to make you pay to return items (Lane Bryant I’m looking at you!). Attempts to discourage me from returning by charging me “fees” only serve to stop me from buying from you. Hey Gorgeous has free returns!

I was crazy excited when Hey Gorgeous asked to feature me on their site as their #gorgeousgirl. I had a chance to talk with them about fashion, motherhood and my style icons. Check out the post here. I also had an opportunity to put together a collection of some of my favorite looks. Shop my collection here.