My Backyard Baby Shower

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been slow in posting over the last week and half. That’s because I have been working to get my house in order for my baby shower. We moved in February and I really wanted to have my shower at the new house (a decision I regretted about a week before the date). With a lot of help (I am 9-months pregnant after all), I’ve spent the last week getting my house in presentable shape. I hope you enjoy the pics from my Backyard Baby Shower.


As I got dressed for my shower, I heard Ella Fitzgerald playing in my back yard (I didn’t peek because I wanted to be surprised). I wanted my baby shower to be casual and relaxed. I wanted lots of flowers. I wanted it to feel like a country garden party. I wanted it to be seated and pretty but I didn’t want it to feel formal. Most importantly, I wanted it to be warm and welcoming. I got all of that and more. There were lots of beautiful little touches that meant so much to me.

There were purple tulips, my favorite flowers, on the tables. My daughters drawings and doilies from my Great-Aunt and Great-Grandmother hung from a clothesline. We also used my Grandmother’s china and my Great-Aunt’s beautiful, soft-pink plates. There were baby pictures (yes, that chubby baby is me) as well as other childhood pictures of family scattered about. Everything seemed to mesh right in with my veggie garden backyard. I was surrounded by friends and family, old and new. I was so happy when someone sent me a family picture from the day of my cousins, my sister, my niece and I. A pretty little royalty marriage tin from Sophia, that I love, was also displayed. My favorite pieces were my Aunt’s pink shell bowls. They featured a woman on the front who appears to be taking off but holding on. Her face is to the sun. She looks, how I feel.

I’ve never been too big on baby showers but I feel I embraced this one in a way I never have before. This time, it feels a little different. This is our last baby and as evil as it may sound, that is something I really wanted to celebrate. Each new baby we’ve welcomed into our lives has meant not just new life, but a new beginning for all of us. This baby’s birth not only marks a new beginning ( always exciting) but an end to starting over (starting over can be tough). New house, new car, new job, so many changes have consistently needed to be made in order to accommodate our growing family. Our lives have been so dynamic over the last few years and I am excited about there soon being more stability.

Man, that makes me sound old.

Anyway, this was the perfect baby shower for me. Thanks Ladies! I know our new little one felt as much love and caring about our future as I did. The possibilities are endless.

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