Glow-in-the Dark Undies from Cosabella

cosabella-glow-dark-lingerie1I am totally in awe over the new Glow-In-the-Dark collections from Cosabella. Can you imagine how awesome a glow-in-the dark bra would look under a sheer, black top or better yet have your man walk into your dark room and find you via your glowing undies? Hey, we moms have to toss in the spice where we can.  There are two different glow-in-the-dark-collections to be clear. The“Glow” collection (above) features light-absorbing fibers. When exposed to fluorescent light for ten minutes or sunlight for three minutes, they glow in the dark. This line comes in three colors (neon orange, white, and barbados, a blue/green) and ranges in price from $47.50 – $101.00. The “Never Say Never” collection (below) is made with black light reflective fibers that glow when placed under black light. This collection has fewer bra choices. There are only two in this collection compared to the “Glow” collection’s three and unfortunately, those two options don’t appear to be super supportive. However, the “Never Say Never Fluorescent” collection comes in five vibrant shades (green fluorescent, orange fluorescent, pink fluorescent, white fluorescent, and yellow fluorescent) and is a bit more forgiving on the wallet with prices ranging from $26.50 – $62.50.