4 Pregnant bloggers to Follow Now

I love getting questions and feedback from you guys. A few readers have asked me why I don’t post pics of my pregnancy style. The truth: I don’t really have one. I don’t post outfit pics in general. It isn’t that I wouldn’t like to but with two kids, some days I feel lucky to find time to brush my teeth in the morning. I’m not sure I can squeeze a photo shoot in as well. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m trying to do the same amount with swollen feet, shaky balance, and lack of sleep.

My uniform is a loose dress and flip-flops. If you’ve seen me in maternity jeans, you’ve seen me dressed up. With a kindergartener and a toddler, comfort is crucial and new maternity clothes are not an option. This is our last planned baby, so I will likely never wear anything I purchase again. Even though my personal pregnancy style is nothing to write about, here are a few bloggers who are working runway worthy pregnancy style.

Name: Cara

Blog: www.caraloren.com

cara1 cara2 cara-3

Name: Nini

Blog: www.ninistyle.net

nini1 nini2 nini3

Name: Amber

Blog: www.barefootblonde.com

amber-2 amber1 amber-3

Name: Sydney

Blog: www.thedaybookblog.com

sydney-1 sydney2 sydney3

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