I woke up this way

i woke up this way

Growing up, I always thought my nose was too big and I was ashamed of the gap in my two front teeth. Now, I look in the mirror and wonder why I thought my nose was too big. It looks fine to me. I miss the gap in my teeth, which naturally closed a bit. My great-grandmother had it too and it always made me feel close to her. I wish I were as comfortable in my skin then, as I am now.

It seems that celebs have even taken to accepting their imperfections. Once it would have been utterly taboo for a celebrity to be seen without makeup, but the Instagram accounts of many celebrities bear at least one snapshot sans cosmetics. Even Beyoncé put her money where her mouth is last month posting a pic of herself makeup-less. Bloggers and the general public seem to have taken this as their cue that it is okay to go bare-faced.

Honestly, this isn’t some sort of big reveal. I don’t wear makeup everyday. Usually, when I do wear makeup, it is because I am going somewhere special or I am just in the mood. I love beauty products and have a slew of them, but a “full face” is not part of my everyday routine. So seeing me waking up, isn’t that much different from seeing me any other time of day. I look more tired and, to my surprise, my dark circles are far more pronounced than they are by the time I hit the mirror in the morning. Still, when it comes to beauty, I think Annette Bening said it best as Sylvie Fowler in The Women, “This is my face. Deal with it.”

Would you dare be seen without makeup? Would you ever post pictures of yourself without makeup?