I’m so sorry I’m late but…




Have Kids

It takes exactly 6 minutes to get from my house to my mothers. I usually text her and let her know when I am on my way. When I arrived today, she was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, clearly frustrated. For everyone I have upset by being late, I decided to share all the things that have happened on my way out the door in the last week:
  1. Youngest poured an entire bottle of water on the dining room table, where my book, magazine, laptop, and her sister’s homework were sitting.
  2. Oldest had to “quickly” use the bathroom. Neglected to mention it was a  #2.
  3. After the above, oldest floods the sink when washing her hands. Bubbles and water cover the floor.
  4. Youngest pooped. An entire wardrobe change was needed ASAP.
  5. Youngest hid my keys but not before setting off my car alarm.
  6. Oldest wouldn’t stop crying because we can’t find the “right” sweatshirt.
  7. Youngest or oldest took my phone out of my purse to play a game and left it in the bathroom sink of all places. No one has claimed responsibility as of this posting.
  8. Hubby didn’t realize my daughter’s lunch was “today’s” lunch and threw it out.
  9. Oldest mentions that she has to return her library book today. Frantic search ensues.
  10. Youngest threw full body tantrum because she couldn’t take the entire Octonauts lab in the car with her.
  11. Oldest, who insisted she wasn’t hungry and wouldn’t eat anything, now claims her stomach is growling and she has to eat now.
  12. Youngest chimes in with a cookie request, followed by a full body tantrum because her sister now gets to eat graham crackers in the car.
  13. After searching for the source of an atrocious smell, discovered a smashed bag of what I believe were once strawberries under the 3rd row seating in the car. Also found a bag of raisins. Since my kids hate raisins, it is pretty safe to assume these were once red grapes. That is why I was not only late, but your window was down in the rain making your seat slightly damp. Sorry.