Moving Forward


A couple of years ago, I took a brutal hit to my career. I worked for the wrong company and the wrong person. The experience left me in a bitter labor dispute, dealing with identity theft, and doubting myself…all while pregnant. I’d already been on shaky ground career wise since becoming a mom. I went from my life being about my career and education to trying to find a balance that I’m not even sure truly exists. This particular position demanded so much of my time that my daughter was pushed to the sideline and I had another baby on the way. The stress was debilitating.

I took one year to spend with my children and spent another in service as an AmeriCorps Vista. My term of service ended January 31st. It was a wonderful experience of self-discovery and doing something meaningful. My time in such a supportive work environment with so many amazing people gave me back my confidence and clarity. I am finally ready to move forward and past those that made my career growth so difficult since becoming a mother.

Do you find it challenging to balance work and family? Have you found a “balance”? What helped you move forward?