Is Model Stephanie Seymour’s Bazaar Shoot with Sons Too Sexy?


There has been some controversy over a recent photo shoot published in Harper’s Bazaar featuring model Stephanie Seymour and two of her sons. The photos seem a bit…suggestive. In the spread, Stephanie wears sexy, little black dresses while her sons embrace her and lace her thigh-high boots. The spread has been called “weird” and “inappropriate” for its sexual undercurrents…but is it sexual?

Stephanie Seymour is a SUPERMODEL! That doesn’t give her license to run around half naked in front of her sons but…wait, it kind of does. Their mom is a model. Their godmothers, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista, are models. What are the chances these boys haven’t been backstage for shows or on set for shoots? It is a constant flash of thongs, boobs, and skimpy outfits. There are no fitting rooms or curtains. There is a rack with each model’s name/picture. They stand next to it and change. Chances are they’ve helped zip a dress, pull on a bustier, or buckle a shoe or two while they were there. I’m sure they’ve seen their mom trounce around in far less than she wears in this shoot.

I can’t help but wonder if these photos would be considered inappropriate had the young men been stylists or designers? What if they had been women? Would they still be sexual if she’d posed with her daughter, instead of her sons?

Okay, in one image, she looks like a drunken cougar at a bar being saved from a regretful morning by a sweet young man but overall, most of the images seem like two kids playing around at their mom’s photo shoot. Check out the full Harpers Bazaar article and spread here.