The lure of the SALE


A few months ago my hubby came home with a big Nordstrom box for our Anniversary. Too excited to wait, he asked me to open it. Inside was this beautiful Kate Spade bag. I loved it instantly (I’m a fan of Kate Spade) except…I never pay full price.  He returned it at my request. Now before you start booing me, here’s the thing. About twice a year, or whenever they are so inclined, Kate Spade has a 75% off two day sale. Fast forward to yesterday and my $348 Kate Spade bag is $139. Unfortunately, even at $139, a new purse wasn’t in the budget yesterday and I wasn’t able to re buy my bag (lesson learned), but that isn’t what this post is about.

The first time I received an email about this sale, I ended up with a ton. I went above my budget to say the least. The rationalization: IT’S A ONE DAY SALE and IT’S 75% OFF! Yesterday, I bought a business card case. It was $29.

There were so many things I wanted, including my stunning Pacific Heights Sloan bag, which I have shoes to match (so sad). But the only thing I actually needed was a business card holder. I’ve been looking for one for the last week.

It is hard to restrain ourselves when there’s a fantastic sale. Things we have been drooling over are suddenly in our grasp. The pull to go overboard is so strong. It’s like a competition and we’ve got to win (which is why these sales –and outlet stores– are so successful btw). Despite the sense of urgency that sales put on you, there is one simple truth to remember when shopping them: THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ANOTHER! Yes, just as I loved so many items the first sale, the last and every one in between, there will be things I like at the next one and hopefully then, a big Kate Spade purchase will be in my budget. In the meantime, I have an adorable coral, patent business card holder and I can still eat lunch the rest of the month.

Note: The sale has been extended a day, so click the Surprise Sale image above and get shopping. Within reason, of course!