Talking Fashion with David Meister at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

David Meister, fashion show, Get Dressed Mommy, mom style, neiman marcus, neiman marcus walnut creek David Meister with Get Dressed Mommy's Lauren Burge (left) and Sophia Spencer(right)
David Meister, fashion show, Get Dressed Mommy, mom style, neiman marcus
David Meister with Get Dressed Mommy’s Lauren Burge (left) and Sophia Spencer (right).

Get Dressed Mommy recently interviewed famed designer, David Meister, during his Spring 13 Fashion Presentation at Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek. David shared with us his inspiration for his collection, his feelings about the disappearance of Fashion’s Night Out, and what celebrity he would love to dress. Be sure to check out the slideshow!

GDM: Tell us about your inspiration for the spring collection and what we can expect to see today?

DM: A variety of bright colors and prints for spring. Daytime wear will consist of a Bright orange, hot pink, yellow and blue dresses. For the evening and cocktail wear there will be non-traditional lace. All of the prints for daytime wear in my collection are placed very specifically to fit a woman’s body in the right way. Also, black and white is a new trend for spring.

GDM: You mentioned in another interview that you hate pantyhose! “Burn the pantyhose! …They’re just so gross!” There has been a huge rise in the popularity of tights recently. Do you have strong feelings toward them as well or are they acceptable?

DM: Yes, burn the pantyhose! I do love tights especially when they are textured or knitwear.

GDM: So many designers have done collaborations with budget retailers like Target and H&M. Do you have any plans for a collaboration of your own or is it something you would consider if the right opportunity came along?

DM: We are always looking at opportunities. I think that it is great when designers collaborate with Target because it gathers brand awareness and reaches a whole other audience. I would certainly never say never.

GDM: We are so sad to hear that there will be no Fashion’s Night Out this year? What are your thoughts on the hiatus? Do you think that cities and stores nationwide will step up, save the day, and keep the spirit of the event alive?

DM: They may, or even if it is not on the same night there will be some kind of fashion event. Maybe we will see it come back or maybe it will be every other year. With an event every two or three years it becomes special and stronger and has more relevance. I think we will see it again.

GDM: Our blog, Get Dressed Mommy, seeks to encourage moms to do just that take some time for themselves and get dressed. It can be a challenge after having children to find the time. Do you think your dresses are a good match for busy moms? Why?

DM: I think dresses are the best answer for anybody because you put it on, you zip it up and you’re done. All you have to do is pick out your shoes and you’re done. To me, dresses are the easiest way to dress up and the quickest. So many of my dresses have knit or stretch which is great for women who just had babies.

GDM: What is the one thing you think every woman, every mom needs to do to, wear, or have to be beautiful?

DM: Well, obviously a dress and if you really got it together a David Meister dress. I think that no matter what you are wearing you have to be comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes you are not going to feel confident. Know your comfort zone because if you are comfortable in what you are wearing you are going to exude confidence. You should be able to put it on and forget about it.

GDM: When I think of my mom and her style, I always think of how she could never keep track of her shoes and I’d have to help her search for the mates every morning. When you think of your own mom and her style or beauty regimen, what is the one thing that stands out in your mind, the one thing you will never forget?

DM: For my mother it has changed over time. It used to be the higher heel the better. Now it’s the no heel the better. It is interesting to see how it has changed. She definitely has good taste and she is amazing.

GDM: You are an ambassador for Dress for Success. One of our blog founders, Monica, works with a similar local agency called Wardrobe for Opportunity. One thing she’s mentioned is that many clients and stylist are reluctant to select dresses. Why do you think so many women are skeptical of wearing dresses in a professional environment? Do you think dresses are a work wardrobe staple? Why or why not?

DM: I think dresses actually look most polished. A dress is a one uniform pulled together look. I think a lot of women associate dresses with getting “dressed up” for an occasion or an event. There are so many options out there for day dresses. If anything, it makes your life a lot easier.

GDM: If you could pick any celebrity that you haven’t designed for which one would you pick?

DM: I think Jennifer Lawrence would be amazing. Even in the last year and a half she has grown so much. She is such a cool girl and she is modern, and tells it like it is and I like that.

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