Cherish the Moments

We love you GG. You’ll be missed.

I remember the day this photo was taken. As a new, and somewhat overprotective, mother I rarely left the house with my baby girl. My mother and grandmother came for a visit. I really didn’t want to see anyone, let alone take pictures. My boobs were swollen and leaking, my roots were grown out, my nail polish was chipped, and I was EXHAUSTED. At the time, the last thing I cared about was my appearance, but that didn’t mean I wanted to be documented in that state. I was doing my best to find some stability and sanity in my new life. I was making a vain attempt to get my newborn on some sort of schedule and I resented the interruption in my developing routine by my mom and grandma.

Once they were there, I was happy. It was nice to spend time with my mother and I enjoyed seeing my grandmother cradle my baby girl. Still, this picture never made it to the mantle. In the past, when I looked at it, all I could see were my chipped nails, frizzy, two-toned hair, unsupported boobs, and fat rolls on my side. My grandmother passed away last month and now I am so glad I have this picture. I was so worried about not being as “pretty” as I was pre-baby that I focused on how I looked and not on the beautiful moment I was sharing with my daughter and her great-grandmother. Had my dear friend (the photographer) listened to me, she would have kept the “camera on the baby, not me” and I wouldn’t be part of this memory.

Too often we say, “I will __when/if…” I will go to the pool with the kids WHEN I look good in a swimsuit. I will go to my husband’s work luncheon IF I can get a hair appointment. Don’t miss out on swimming with your kids because you don’t like how you look in a swimsuit. Don’t skip your sisters graduation because you can’t find a dress. Don’t stand in the corner at the school play because you can’t afford to get your hair done. DON”T AVOID THE CAMERA BECAUSE YOU DON”T LIKE YOURSELF IN PICTURES. You might miss an irreplaceable moment.

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