Too small or too big: Which is better?

Big vs small

This Christmas I received two beautiful shirts, one from my mother and one from my mother-in-law, coincidentally both abstract leopard print. The one from my mother was too small, the one from my mother-in-law, too big. I was naturally flattered by the smaller size purchased by my mother. Who doesn’t like the implication that they appear to be a little slimmer than they are.

I was offended by the choice of my mother-in-law. Curious, I asked a few friends and they agreed, they too would be offended.

While taking offense was my first instinct, ITS THE WRONG ONE! The fact is if it’s too big, it can be altered. If it is too small there isn’t much that can be done. I’ve spent the last week trying to find my size in the too small top, while my too big top from my mother-in-law took a five-minute fitting and is being altered as I type. So the next time someone gifts you clothing that is too big, just say, “Thank you. It’s beautiful and once I have it altered, it will fit beautifully!”