Model Mom Mariacarla Boscono still the face of Givenchy for the New Year

mariacarla baby

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Let’s face it, the work world doesn’t always treat mama’s well. We are seen as unreliable and less committed. BS, but the perception none the less. The modeling world is no exception. Yes, they are moms too!

Becoming a mom doesn’t seem to have dimmed the lights on model mom and Givenchy Muse Mariacarla Boscono. She returns to the fashion house post baby as the covergirl for their “Le Rouge” lipstick line and flaunts a whittled waist to showcase the new “Le Vernis” nail varnishes. She also poses with her adorable baby girl, Marialucas. If only we could all bring our babies to work!

(Check out this article, I think the results will surprise you!)