You’re sexy and you know it

Something about being pregnant can make you feel so sexy and why not! What is more feminine, more womanly than carrying a child, growing a life? During my first pregnancy, I was hot and you couldn’t convince me otherwise. My libido shot so high my poor hubby hardly slept (not that I heard any complaints). I rocked high heels and cute dresses, fitted jeans and tees, and celebrated my newly acquired boobage. I might have been more excited over the new jublees than my hubby. There were some who were surprised by my high heels and cleavage enhancing dresses but I encourage every pregnant new mom to give it a go this holiday season. Embrace your new body, embrace your sexuality. You are so beautiful and this time won’t last forever. Very soon, your entire life is going to change, your life will no longer be your own, and for a little while you might feel less like a sexual being and more like a, well, mom. So take a moment, glam up, and let out your inner sexy.