Daytime Sequin for Every Age

Sequins used to be reserved for evening outings but I’m in love with the trend of wearing sequins during the day. What’s not to love; sequins are sparkly, feminine, and elegant. When wearing sequins during the day, age is a factor; not yours but your kids! Can you imagine trying to cradle your baby in a full sequins tank? Her check would be bright red, scratched, or covered in sequins imprints. Here are a few tips for age appropriate sequins dressing.

Age 0-1

Keep sequins below the waist. From the day your baby is born until the day she starts walking, she will spend quite a lot of time in your arms. Unless you want to sequins related scrapes and scratches, try sequins pants or leggings. They are almost as versatile a sequins tops (I would avoid wearing them to work), but you’ll be able to cuddle, cradle, and nestle your baby all you want. I love these sequins trousers from Free People. They have an elastic waist, which is always more comfortable post-pregnancy and are fully lined, so no scratching or discomfort.

Age 1-4

Congrats, your baby is finally walking! This is an amazing time in motherhood. It is welcome freedom for you and your baby. How great is it to use both your hands again? Unfortunately, it comes with a downside. Now you’re constantly chasing her. You are enjoying play dates and taking the kids to the park. Comfort is key when you are constantly on the move. Now you can wear a sequins top but keep the sequins minimal since you are still carrying your baby on occasion. This French Connection tee is equal parts cute and comfort with just a hint of sequins detail. Bonus: It’s machine washable.

Ages 4-8

One word: Versatile. Whether you work inside or outside the home, your time is limited. Your child is likely in participating in multiple after school activities. Parent participation at the schools are not required but encouraged and you still must maintain your household and relationship.You don’t have time for multiple wardrobe changes.  A top like this Chevron Tank from The Limited and Eloquii is perfect for day or night and is comfortable enough for any activity.

Ages 8+

You might be more comfortable wearing Dry Clean Only clothes by now. Since I’ve had children, I feel sophisticated whenever I have a chance to wear luxurious silk. I adore this Robert Rodriquez silk sequins halter. It’s perfect for work when with a blazer and easily transitions to cocktails with the girls afterward. With a one year old and a five-year-old, cream color and dry clean only are double whammies for me, but if I could I would don this French Connection sequins sleeve blouse in a heartbeat. It’s so beautifully feminine. For a little bit of sophisticated prep, I love this J.Crew Polka Dot Sequin Top. Again, this style is suitable for day and night, it mixes the sequins and polka-dot trends, and it is a great wardrobe addition. This top is timeless!

Happy Shopping!