Casual, chic inspiration from Imogene + Willie

My hubby often tells me that I am extreme in my dressing. No, I’m not eccentric. He means that I have no middle ground. I either look really nice or pretty bad. Some women have the ability to half-ass it and still look decent, this skill is lost on me. Either I am perfectly coiffed with stunning accessories or I’m in jeans and t-shirt with my hair barely combed (usually a clear sign that I’ve overslept and rushed to get my daughter to school).

It isn’t for lack of trying. I have tried! I’ve thrown together a cute, casual ensemble but somehow, I always need to add that something extra that takes it over a bit and makes it a little too polished to look effortless and adds more time to my morning in the process. On the other hand, when I don’t add those extras, I feel like I look, well, dull.

I was so inspired when I stumbled upon the Imogene + Willie website today. Their women’s offering showcases a denim based collection that is equal parts casual, effortless, and chic. My favorite piece is the Louise blouse. It’s the kind of top that makes you feel pretty. It has a hidden button closure, snug fitting cuffs that emphasize the billowy sleeves, and comes in a nearly sheer polka dot print. The Overfield classic shooting jacket begs to be worn to the park with the kids. It looks roomy enough to move and play. The huge pockets seem perfect for throwing in keys, a cell phone, and whatever goodies (like shells or feathers) we find along the way.

Now I cannot guarantee these pieces will make it to my closet; $248 for a blouse is a bit out of my budget. Still, I love the styles and Imogene + Willie prove that cute and casual, with minimal effort, is possible.