Hello world!

Sophia and I have been together as long as I can remember. I guess you can say we were born to be friends (we are cousins after all), but we have always been as different as night and day! When she was conservative, I was platinum blonde in skirts split thigh high. When I adopted a more classic look, she went boho with an affinity for mixed prints. One child is her max, and I’m hoping for a third. She is a social butterfly and I’m a homebody. She likes the bustle of friends and nightlife, while I look forward to early mornings alone to read.

Despite our differences, our friendship is always a constant; well, that and our love of fashion, beauty, and style. We bond over Neiman Marcus catalogs, De Young designer exhibits, and the newest copy of Elle. We spend hours scouring Sephora for our new favorite lip color and meet for coffee to swap skincare discoveries.

Like many moms, after a stint as a stay-at-home mom, I fell into the yoga pant and tank top trap (Sophia never had this problem, damn her) and it was my daughter who called me on it. Imagine, a three-year-old looking you straight in the eyes and in her most serious voice saying, “Get dressed Mommy.” I decided to create a place where moms could come for advice, inspiration, or just to check out what other moms are thinking. My first attempt was way too serious and was quickly veering from my intention. So here I am starting anew and who better to join me (a now busy working mom) than my partner-in-crime opposite, yet equally fabulous Sophia.

We hope you enjoy our thoughts, musings, and inspirations.