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getdressedmommy —  5.16.2014 — 1 Comment

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When I was younger, my Aunt lived in a beautiful, French Victorian home in Sacramento. It was its own oasis in a rather rough neighborhood. From the street, it appeared to be nothing spectacular. One couldn’t tell the extensive size of the lot. In comparison to the size of the yard, the house itself seemed small and unassuming, an old relic of a home in need of fresh paint and repair. On the inside, there was magic. Rooms filled with light, tall ceilings, gold trimmed walls, french doors. My favorite room by far was the Sitting Room and in it, sat my Aunt’s stunning, gold, Victorian sofa. I was mesmerized by the texture and the details of its frame. The fabric seemed to gleam in the light. I’d stare at it imagining myself having my Afternoon Tea there.

I’m not sure when or how I picked up the practice of afternoon tea but it is one I’ve carried with me since childhood. I’d make light sandwiches and cut them into shapes using cookie cutters. I taught myself how to make petite fours, jam cakes, and Viennese shortbread cookies. When I felt lazy, I’d opt for biscuits and jam. Into adulthood, I continued Afternoon Tea, taking an afternoon break and heading to Neiman Marcus for a cup of tea and a slice of whatever delicious coconut cake combo was available. Every time, I’d imagine myself sitting on that gold sofa with a cup and saucer, enjoying the internal warmth from the tea and the sweetness of mon gâteau petite . I have to say I never actually sat on the sofa. Even to this day, I find it far too beautiful and instead view it admirably from afar.

Beautiful desserts and tea (although sometimes coffee now) are synonymous for me. So when I stumbled on SprinkleBakes this week, I was taken back to my Afternoon Tea dreams on my Aunt’s gold sofa, a delicious spread of tantalizing desserts in front of me, ready to share with the lovely ladies in my life. It isn’t often that I am so mesmerized by a food blog and find post after post of noteworthy recipes but SprinkleBakes is engaging, visually tantalizing, and the results appear to be, delicious. Some notable favorites I found were the Raspberry Rose Cake with Vanilla Buttercream, Pink Velvet Roulade, Viennese ShortdoughPoured Fondant Petit Fours, Fancy Little Jam Cakes, Lavendar Earl Grey Cupcakes, and Pink Snoball Cakelettes. I hope you enjoy this blog as much I do!

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    That’s amazing!!!! :)


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